Personal Shopping

Woman holding shopping bagsDo you dread the thought of going shopping? Do you have clothes in your wardrobe with the price tag still on? Do you never find anything you like or that fits? Do you wish there was someone who could go with you to offer genuine, impartial advice?

Let me give you your best ever shopping experience by taking you on a personal, fun, shopping trip!

We will show you how to:

A pre-shop talk will determine your needs, likes and dislikes so contact us now and lets change your shopping habits forever!


“I have always wanted some help with my wardrobe but have never been to see a stylist due to lack of money.
I’m not into fashion and find it all  rather daunting when reading the glossy magazines but would love to look  stylish.

I’ve never had the confidence to buy outside my comfort zone and my wardrobe has always been full of similar outfits.
I had 2 babies in close  succession and once I lost most of the baby weight I tried on my old clothes and they were so out dated!
I struggled to get an outfit together in the mornings that fitted/looked good which made life difficult when looking after 2 little ones.
I met Ulla and she has transformed my wardrobe!

I had always assumed a stylist would cost a fortune (Ulla doesn’t)
I had a small budget and Ulla worked with this and my lifestyle to create a wardrobe for me.
She worked out what style would suit me and we went shopping together one morning – it’s just like shopping with your best friend!
She’s built my confidence so I can now walk into a shop and know which pieces would suit me rather seeing a mass of clothes.
It’s feels great to open my wardrobe in the morning and have a choice of outfits to wear – I just wish I had met Ulla 20 years ago!”

Amanda, Marlow