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Pretty young woman smiling at cameraEver wondered how some people manage to look stylish, immaculate and amazing? Look no further! This unique service will reveal the secrets behind being your sylish best at any occasion!

We will show you:

Our fashion advice can change your style forever so contact ULLALA! now and find your own, unique style!

“I decided to contact Ulla as I was getting so frustrated as to why I had so many lovely clothes in my wardrobe, but still found it difficult to decide what to wear during the day or on a casual evening out.

When I met Ulla for my style day I had the most amazing time! We discussed my style personality, and Ulla was able to explain what my body shape was and what type of clothes would suit me and the types of clothes to avoid.

We then tried out various different looks and styles along with different accessories. I was so excited, as I finally realised why I had not been wearing certain clothes in my wardrobe and why they weren’t suited to me.

Ulla was one of the nicest people I have ever met, she was so helpful and enthusiastic and I felt so motivated when I left Ulla, that I spent the whole evening sorting out the clothes in my wardrobe! I now feel so much more confident in knowing that, when I go shopping again, I will know exactly what I am looking for!”

Nicola Hicks, Marlow.